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Author Topic: Fyter Will Return  (Read 1572 times)

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Fyter Will Return
« on: June 24, 2019, 01:20:25 pm »

Hi, it's Fyter. I bloody well miss this game. It was my life. I think about it often and the fun I had. I got kicked out by my girlfriend 4 months ago and so I haven't had access to a computer to play it. I miss my pals such as Hugh, Crunchy, Joycey84, OSS, BlueDevil, Chevalier, SethBong, PixelStix, Mama Karter, Astronaut, Hansi and Shemp. Forgive me for not remembering all the other names - it's been a long time and you all use hax anyway, so screw you, lol.

I was homeless for a while, but am now in emergency accomodation in Brighton, England (just by the West Pier, pretty swish). Should be moving into my own flat in the next few weeks and as soon as I can I will get back into the community, show you noobs how to play.

!voodoo !gesrocks, spread the word
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