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Author Topic: Pigsy's Lyrics  (Read 6310 times)

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Pigsy's Lyrics
« on: July 11, 2007, 12:53:01 pm »

hey peoples, im working on a track at the moment, going for a chill out sorta vibe, just finalizing some of the lyrics, my ex-gf is doing the vocals, might get cut down a bit after, let me knows what ya think,.. il put the track on here when iv finished it

You & Me - Richard Pygott 2007

I’ve waited for you to appear,
Together once again,
So close yet not so near
Just you and me
Heal both our pain
If only your face I could see
Hearing you call my name
Together once again
Just you and me

Together we could fly away,
If I could hold you near
Id never let go again
Let you whisper in my ear,
My feelings I want to show,
If I could hold you near
I promise I wouldn’t let go

It’s been a while,
Since this frown
Has been a smile,
Your beautiful body
Inch for inch,
The distance is great
Mile after mile
Never forgot your taste
You always make me smile
I can’t let this go to waste
You and me

As we lay underneath the sky,
Questions disappear,
No asking how and why
In love and care-free
Easy and simple
Like it should be,
A love that comes so naturally,
Just you and me

Please don’t go,
I’m sorry for the pain
I love you so,
I can’t let you go again,
Stay with me a while
Without you threes nothing but rain
Bring back my sun,
Make me smile again
Tears come and run,
My face red & raw,
Turn my night into day,
Bring out your sun
If only you’d stay,

The happiest I’ve ever been,
You sleeping in my arms,
If you could only see,
Like an angel in my dreams,
When you’re with me,
Come morning you disappear,
So real though it seems,
If only you were here,
Just you and me

(c) Richard Pygott
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