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Author Topic: Bunch O' Bugs  (Read 1585 times)

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Bunch O' Bugs
« on: February 10, 2009, 06:59:39 am »

 I posted this in the Steam Powered Forums but I am not sure if you guys have seen this. What I have here is a list of problems/bugs/glitches/ideas

   1. Clipping- When a player hits another player they completely stop and get stuck, also some objects like a book or something should not stop someone running over it
   2. Lag- Every server lags
   3. Doors- They don't seem to like to open and it takes about 2 tries to get them open which sucks when you are running
   4. Reg/Hit-boxes- If I am 2 feet away from someone and I fire a magnum at their head they should die instantly and not just walk/run away
   5. Guns- Some don't seem to do more damage than the others, but that might be a side affect of some of the things I posted above
   6. Jumping- I would like to jump higher
   7. Suicide?- Every round I start I some how commit it when all I do is get in game
   8. Glitches- I fell through the map in library I think its called when I got clipped into a wall and then fell

I love the mod guys, but it needs some serious buffing and polishing. I hope you guys take some of this in consideration. Thank you, and can't wait for ALPHA
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Re: Bunch O' Bugs
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2009, 07:02:40 am »

First of all, welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay!

1. That problem has been noted and will probably be corrected in a future patch.
2. That is normal with online games. Not a problem of the mod, it is a problem of the servers or from you.
3. Some servers had that on Beta 1.1. Since Beta 3 is still fresh, it is normal such feature isn't implemented yet.
4. if you really aim at the doors, you might be able to open them on the first try. Note that some doors don't open in the correct way, i.e. they open to your side sometimes.
5. Aim better.
6. Source is know for its crappy hitboxes. CS:S and TF2 have them and the mods makers have tried really hard to optimize them. i personally think they made a good job. It is much enhanced from Beta 1.1.
7. Some weapons do more damage than others; they have been fine-tuned to deliver the same amounts of damage they did in GE007.
8. In GE007 you didn't jump and in this one  it is enough to crouch-jump into higher places with ease, although this feature is a bit buggy on the current release.
9. Another known bug that will be corrected in the upcoming patch.
10. Learn how to use it. Can be quite handy sometimes. it's a matter of getting used to it. The servers can turn it off, but if you turn it off by yourself, others will still be able to see you on their radar.
11. You do have spawn protection; it is for 2 seconds if I'm not wrong.
12. That is something you have to change on the server browser. You have to uncheck the dialog that says to show the maps; otherwise it shows an image of the map and does not present a simple list like in CS.
13. It is normal that there are glitches; we're still in Beta stage and that's why there is a section for feedback and bug reports on the forum.

No Alpha, we're past that stage; it is already in Beta. After this, only the final release or the release candidate, if you prefer.

Hope it cleared your doubts regarding this mod.

PS: there are some additional points included, but this was the answer to your previous post, which was longer.
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