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Author Topic: It's been a while since I've composed something. Here's something new. Bunker V3  (Read 2647 times)

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[I deleted the previous topic by accident, so here it is again]

The first series of music I made into MP3 format was the Goldeneye 64 series. Of course, with me being new to creating MP3s, and having little experience with music at the time, they sucked (I'm hoping you don't remember any of them). Today, I usually work on my own music. However, every once in a while, I look back at my old music, to reflect on how things have changed. I think it's time to bring some of them back to life.

The first song I've brought back, was the last song I created for GE, and thus, sucked the least. The structure of the MIDI was pretty intact though, so I didn't have much problem getting myself back to speed.

I've changed the drums up a bit, and the climax of the song has been drastically changed. You also get to hear me playing guitar for the first time, near the end.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy it. I'll host the file soon if enough people enjoy it.

Josh [SLX]

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I wish someone had posted in this before, because i really fucking liked this. I WANT THE MP3 DAMMIT!
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Nice track, I think this should officially be in GES in my honest opinion. (As a randomly picked track between any others for bunker the GES Team may have, at map load; Everyone plays the same randomly picked track)

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Kickass, my friend. Sounds like it'd be part of the movie soundtrack if Graeme Norgate had composed it. :)
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