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[TOOL] Free Security & Mantainence software


Konrad Beerbaum:
AVG Antivirus Free Edition
Great free antivirus program.

Adaware SE
Good program for detecting adware. 

Spybot S&D
Great program for detecting spyware. Can also immunize IE against thousands of threats. 

Comodo Firewall
Very effective firewall.  Does not requiring re-activation like Zonealarm. 

Comodo Backup
Can backup to external drives, partitions, or ftp manually, on a schedule, or in real time. 

Can create and restore images of your partitions than can be read by any recovery software.

Large suite of diagnostic programs on a bootable cd.  Mainly useful for scanning for hard drive or memory problems. 

Full windows like PE environment that runs off a cd.  Allows you to access all your files if your system cannot boot and can read external hard drives.  Also contains DriveImageXML so that you can create or restore your drive images in case of a serious crash.  Can also be customized with your own programs. 

Open Office (if you don't know this, you need a slap)
Office soft ware 100% free and works very well.  On a side note there are some rumblings about this product and development with Apple.. basically MS Office is going to be fucked next year.

Konrad Beerbaum:
You mean open office :P. 

Microsoft Security Essentials has replaced AVG as my free antivirus of choice.  Solid antivirus engine, really good performance, and none of the stupid nag screens that have been added to AVG since my original post. 

Core FTP LE is a good free FTP client, and Img Burn is good free burning software. 

CCleaner is also great for cleaning up your system as well as fixing registry issues. 


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