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Goldeneye 25 given the "Cease and Desist"


Goldeneye 25 had been in development (independently) for a while now, and strove to completely re-create the N64's Goldeneye 007 using the Unreal 4 engine, producing some amazing results thus far. Even more promising for the game, the 2 developers, Luchador90 and YannickZen, had previously worked on Goldeneye: Source, and we all know how great that's been. That was of course, until the IP holders MGM/Danjaq officially told them to cut it out, an event which apparently seemed predictable to GE25's devs, who have pressed on for the project's completion under revised titling. It would've been nice to get what they'd originally intended, but not everyone can be as smart as Valve, who would've just hired these guys and sold their finished product (see Black Mesa).


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