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Windows 7 NVMe Patch Download - KB2990941


Microsoft published a hotfix under KB2990941 to add support for NVMe devices under Windows 7. Even though the KB article is still up, Microsoft pulled the hotfix, presumably to push people toward Windows 10.

I tracked down the hotfix and found it on Lenovo's website. I uploaded it to my own mirror and am creating this forum post so that it'll hopefully be easier for people to find in the future.

Download: Windows6.1-KB2990941-x64.msu

Nice, allthough i allready changed to 10 with my desktop because of the difficulties to install Win7 on nvme.
(install and update a clean Win7 on a regular HDD/SATA SSD, install the nvme patch and create your own installation image from that)

Most of the time i use my Laptop anyway, which came with preinstalled Win10.

But maybe this will be usefull for other people.


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