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Bond 25 movie announcement

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It's good news.

It's also amazing to think the number of Bond movies there are - soon to be 25 official ones - but so few "good" Bond games. Lots of unused content out there.

Indeed, I have downloaded them all but have seen only around 5 007 movies in my life.

I think Goldeneye movie was Meh, compared to the game. I haven't ever heard about someone talking about the movie. It seems it was never meant to be timeless or legendary, unlike From Russia With Love (Haven't seen it yet)

Goldeneye is one of my favorite Bond movies.
The other one is Licence to Kill.
I'm not such a fan of Moore or Conery and also didn't really like Craig's Bond Movies except for Skyfall.

But if i had to choose, i'd surely take Goldeneye as my alltime favorite.
- the first time he plays Bond, Brosnan still acts fresh and not like a desillusioned old Agent e.g. like in Die another Day
- (some) Russians are still the enemy
- Sean Bean does a wonderfull job in beeing a two faced Character, a friend and a foe at the same time
- the soundtrack of Eric Serra is simply awesome
- it's the last Bond Movie where there is no crazy CGI going on (no invisible cars, no ride the cgi wave...)
- Famke Janssen
- many iconic moments a lot of us can still repeat word by word (half of everything..., for england james?, Slow down your weapon...)
- a huge diversity of locations

oh and did i mention Famke Janssen yet?

Ofc. beeing fan of the game adds another new Level (phun intended) to the experience, but i think even without that Goldeneye would still be one of my favorite Bond movies.

Why was Brosnan laid off, anyways? Was he charging way too much?

And yes, Xenia is the hottest.


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