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How Do I Get The Name Of The Current Map In Python?


So I've gone through the game modes and integrated all the stat collection I want except for the current map. There's no intuitive way to obtain it. No variables, functions, event hooks, CVARs, nothing I can find anywhere in the code. Am I missing something? Is it not passed to Python?

So I found out about the console commands "maps *" and "changelevel". When you use the "changelevel" command, text pops up saying the cvar "nextlevel" is being set to a new map name and the match restarts accordingly. I tried doing a GEUtil.GetCVarValue("nextlevel") to see if it'll show what the next map would be, but it's blank. Anyone have anything?

You can get the maximum and minimum player count for the map. I don't recall a way to get the map name itself.


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