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Cinema 4D to SDK hammer?

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Finally got solace on what was going on. by the way my .smd file is now only 100 megabytes now. When i dragged my QC file on the new StudioMDL.exe it told me that i had too many indices in source. My question is how would i go about fixing this error? Is my polygon count to much? I does one check the polygon count on a model?

Seriously, 100MB equals something arround 300.000 polygons. Far to much for source.
You can show the polycount for instance in the Object Manager (hierarchic window on the right) under Object>Object Information.

Binging down the polycount to an acceptable level is neccessary, the way of doing it depends a lot on the model itself.

Quick example:

Wireframe view:

While the mountain in front has over 2 million Quads, the one in the back only consists of 8192 triangles.
The rest is achived by the normalmap that was baked right from the highpoly sculpted object to the lowpoly one.

I seriously think that the background mountains for a map could be done with even much less polycount,
but this would also take more then 10 minutes of editing.

Thanks for the help Kraid. You were right my polygons amount was massive lol. I have reduces it to around 9,000 and it still looks great. It compiles but i check the folder where i set the model to be and it doesn't make a file?

UPDATE: I figured it all out. I had to do some major tweaking. Thanks for all your help Kraid.

I just have one finally question. How i do i export the textures I  used for the snow mountain? The textures were within cinema 4D. I tried to locate the folder for their textures but i couldn't find it. Or is there another way to get the textures on the actual prop so you don't have to use VTFedit to put custom textures...


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