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Cinema 4D to SDK hammer?

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--- Quote from: kraid on March 30, 2015, 04:04:48 pm ---C4D is one of the most user friendly 3D apps out there. A bit tricky though if you're creating game assets with it, since it initially wasn't exactly designed with game creation in mind.

I haven't spent one cent on tutorials for C4D yet. There's plently of good free stuff out there.
Ofc. same issue when it comes to game content creation and even more of an issue when it gets as specific as modelling for source using C4D.
In fact you do. Because in order to create the desired Tut for you, i'd have to create a mountain model.
Also i'd have to restrict myself to the features R13 offered, because this is what you're using right?
So no sculpting, mesh projection or other new Features from my R16 allowed.

Right now i ain't got time for things like this, sorry.

--- End quote ---

I upgraded to R16 now :). I suppose you are right about you "Not having to make the model." I didn't think of that lol. I got your message as well
One thing i am having issues with is how to apply the "normal tag" to it, and when i show the mesh in uv edit it is perfectly square...a big black square. IS that normal? When i looked at your model and showed the mesh it showed the lines and detail of the model. Am I doing the UV coordinates correctly? I tired to do the uv coordinates before the object bake and i had everything ticked correctly but it wouldn't allow me to generate the coordinates until after i baked the object. I am still failing how to see orange...meaning the UV points. All i ever see is either blue or yellow.


--- Quote from: roger ---One thing i am having issues with is how to apply the "normal tag" to it
--- End quote ---
Allready said that in my first post in this thread:

--- Quote from: kraid ---I'd also recomend Vertex Normal Tool lite to 'bake' the phong-tag smoothing into a normals Tag.
--- End quote ---
I assume that you are able to google it.

As for your UV issue:

--- Quote from: kraid ---Last but not least, if you need to know any in depth information about a certain object, tag, or anything else inside of C4D,
use the built in help system.
Right click on the symbol and choose help to directly jump to the part of the documentation that describes it.
--- End quote ---
In this case it means right click on the UV tag and choose help from the drop down.
Read the upcomming help text and also the hyperlinked additional information.

RTFM (read the fucking manual) is something i recomend everyone who's working with Cinema 4D.
Sometimes it's better then any tutorial out there.
I literally learned the 3D basics just by reading through an earlier version of their Manual, when it was still a PDF.


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