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Hello all,

I already run a Minecraft server through Hamachi. I am trying to figure out how to run a Goldeneye Source server through Hamachi. I don't really want to set up a dedicated server to play right now because I am moving and would like to just play with my friends for the time being. Any ideas on how to do this?


As far as I know, you just click on "Create server" on the menu, give the hamachi IP to your friends and they type "connect IP" (without "") in the console and they should be able to join. It worked for me in TF2 long time ago.
To open the console, just right click in GoldenEye: Source in Steam, click properties, set launch options and type -console.

That did help although that wasn't all I had to do. Once the server is created, the person who created the server must type in the command line:

sv_lan 0
sv_pure 1
map [mapnamehere] (without the [])

The first two commands will not work until you reload the map or change to a different map altogether. After that the person connected to Hamachi can join.

Hope this helps.


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