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How to easily edit/reskin Source weapon skins


Yes! I am Invincible!:
You will need: 1. VTFEdit. link: http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?c=178
2. an image editing program (i HIGHLY recommend Photoshop)

First you have to open the VTF Skin file with VTFEdit. You will see the skin flatted.
Then select Export from upper corner. IMPORTANT: Export the file as JPEG and keep filename same.

Then the fun part: Edit what you want to it with the image editor, remember, you must know where you add stuff or it will look shitty. :O

THEN: Import the image file on VTFEdit back to VTF and replace the original Texture file.

You are all done, but remember to edit World model too! (w_model)  8)

Good tutorial, another bonus to add to really help in this tutorial is to add screenshots.


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