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What Does HelloWorld Tutorial Do?


Deathrow Bo Dean:
Hello All! This is my first post do here goes. I'm trying to learn Sourcepawn. I have CCS and L4d2 Linux and Windows servers. I did the Helloworld tutorial:
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« by Anthony on February 26, 2010, 06:33:40 PM »
I complied and placed the helloworld.smx in the sourcemod plugins folder. I started the server a Windows l4d2 srcds. When I type in the servers console "sm plugins list". I see all my "Sm plugins" along with the "helloworld" from the tutorial. i'd like to know what I'm suppose to see? Or where is the helloworld?

I've had CSS servers since 2005. I use Mani, MM, SM & ESScripts on my newest CSS and L4d1&2 servers. Help Needed...

Damn, must have used the wrong link and now i'm in the server script programming subforum of a CSS or TF2 community.

Oh wait... nah, i'm right here.

Just suprised to see a thread with CSS/TF2 server plugin programming on this Board.
But since we've got some ppl who do this kind of things too, you might even get an answere.

From my poor programming knowledge i'd say it should print out the text "Hello World" to your screen or maybe only into the console.

Deathrow Bo Dean:
Thank's for your quick reply. Yes I understand that it will print HelloWorld. But What does one do to make it do that? Do you give the command ingame with a rcon or mani assisted command from a different computer? I typed helloworld in the servers console and recieved an unkown command error msg. I tried this on a left4dead2 dedicated server.

Here's the original thread the OP is referring to: http://forums.geshl2.com/index.php/topic,4844.0.html

Deathrow Bo Dean:
Thanks. However, I began the tutorial on that page. Can one run sourcemod without running a game like CSS, L4D2 and TF2? Like i said I seem to have the compiled helloworld plugin installed and listing correctly on my servers sm plugins list. I just do know just where to look for the helloword to appear.


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