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The tool is updated to version 0.87. Go to http://wallworm.com/projects/utilities/wallworm_model_tools.html for the latest download and a new video showing its features. This is probably that last update in 2010.

I have updated the tool to version 0.92 to include sequences, automatic compiling and other options. The docs are also started at http://wallworm.com/projects/utilities/docs/

Jonathon [SSL]:
Insanely cool, thanks for posting updates on this awesome plugin!


--- Quote from: Jonathon [SSL] on December 20, 2010, 11:20:18 am ---Insanely cool, thanks for posting updates on this awesome plugin!

--- End quote ---

Thank you! There are still a few quirks I am trying to work out. The documentation is incomplete but gives some info on what some of the features are... especially important is the configuring to compile. I'm hopeing to add texture compiling soon.

Eventually I'll add videos for each feature.

The 0.92 update had a bug with picking a Collision Model. That is fixed and there is a new version at 0.921. Sorry about that.

PS. If there is anyone here who has experience making animated models with animated collision hulls, please let me know if you have any tips on a good way to make that happen from Max. I only recently learned to do animations for Source... and I am having a problem figuring out how to make the QC attach the collision hulls to the sequence animations.


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