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PS3 Controller Config/Tutorial for GE:S


PS3 Controller Config/Tutorial for GE:S

Sadly unlike other game controllers, the PS3 controller isn't plug and play. It takes some special drivers/software. This is my experience and what I found to be the easiest method of getting a PS3 controller(sixaaxis or Dualshock 3) working on GE:S(or any source game really).

First what you need:

-PS3 Controller (sixaaxis or Dualshock 3)
-USB controller charge cable
-MotioninJoy Dualshock 3 Sofware

Ok, lets get this process started:

* Download/Install above software
* Open the software and if your controller isn't plugged in, do that.
* Software should open to this page, with controller plugged in, click "Load Driver"

* Should run through the process and install drivers(might prompt to install certificate, agree) This process might take a minute or two. End should look similar to above.4. Suggest restarting your computer
5. On the main Profiles Tab, select the XBox 360 Controller Emulator

6. This should play the usb disconnect and reconnect sound and should show installing new device. If don't notice this, can unplug and re-plug in controller.

This should be all you need to do to get your PS3 drivers installed and ready to configure. Try hitting the "Game Controller Panel" button that's at the bottom of screen. Then click properties and test that your controller works and reads correctly(this is also where you can find out your button layout numbers for making custom config files).

Now when you open GE:S, open console and type: exec 360controller_shared

This should get you playable with controller. Now since GE:S isn't fully controller friendly you will still need a mouse to select team and such menu items.

This is my personal config setup that can use if want:

--- Code: ---
mat_motion_blur_strength 3
joy_forwardsensitivity -1
joy_sidesensitivity 1
joy_pitchsensitivity 1.0
joy_yawsensitivity -1.25
joy_autoaimdampenrange 0.85
joy_autoaimdampen 0.5
joy_lowend 0.65
joy_lowmap 0.15
joy_accelscale 1.4
joy_response_move 5
joy_response_look 1
crosshair 0

joy_advanced "1"
joystick 1

// left trigger
bind "L_TRIGGER" "+aimmode"

// right trigger
bind "R_TRIGGER" "+attack"

// A button
bind "A_BUTTON" "+jump"

// X button
bind "X_BUTTON" "+reload"

// Y button
bind "Y_BUTTON" "+use"

// B button
bind "B_BUTTON" "impulse 100"

// left bumper
bind "L_SHOULDER" "lastinv"

// right bumper
bind "R_SHOULDER" "+attack2"

// back button
bind "BACK" "teamselect"

// right stick down
bind "STICK2" "+voicerecord"

// left stick down
bind "STICK1" "+duck"

// start button
bind "START" "charselect"

// dpad up
bind "UP" "invprev"

// dpad right
bind "RIGHT" "cl_ge_gameplay_help"

// dpad down
bind "DOWN" "invnext"

// dpad left
bind "LEFT" "score_toggle"

joystick 1

// toggle-based crouching
alias "crouch_toggle" "crouch_down"
alias "crouch_down" "+duck; alias crouch_toggle crouch_up"
alias "crouch_up" "-duck; alias crouch_toggle crouch_down"

// toggle-based zooming
alias "aim_toggle" "aim_down"
alias "aim_down" "+aimmode; alias aim_toggle aim_up"
alias "aim_up" "-aimmode; alias aim_toggle aim_down"

// toggle-based scoreboard
alias "score_toggle" "score_down"
alias "score_down" "+showscores; alias score_toggle score_up"
alias "score_up" "-showscores; alias score_toggle score_down"

// sensitivity decreasing button
// alias "+aim_hold" "joy_pitchsensitivity 0.4; joy_yawsensitivity -0.4"
// alias "-aim_hold" "joy_pitchsensitivity 0.8; joy_yawsensitivity -0.8"
--- End code ---
Can overwrite you other config here:

--- Code: ---
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\gesource\cfg\360controller_shared.cfg
--- End code ---
Now Hopefully you should be ready to play GE:S with a PS3 controller.

I copied the new config into the southpaw file, replacing what was there, renamed it PS3, and it didn't work in game. The joysticks work, but the buttons still don't.
Here's what it said in the console when I typed "exec ps3":

exec PS3
Using joystick 'PS3' configuration
JOY_AXIS_X:  mapped to Side (absolute)
JOY_AXIS_Y:  mapped to Forward (absolute)
JOY_AXIS_Z:  mapped to Turn (absolute)
JOY_AXIS_R:  mapped to Look (absolute)
JOY_AXIS_U:  unmapped
JOY_AXIS_V:  unmapped
Advanced Joystick settings initialized
"L_TRIGGER" isn't a valid key
"R_TRIGGER" isn't a valid key
"A_BUTTON" isn't a valid key
"X_BUTTON" isn't a valid key
"Y_BUTTON" isn't a valid key
"B_BUTTON" isn't a valid key
"L_SHOULDER" isn't a valid key
"R_SHOULDER" isn't a valid key
"BACK" isn't a valid key
"STICK2" isn't a valid key
"STICK1" isn't a valid key
"START" isn't a valid key
"UP" isn't a valid key
"RIGHT" isn't a valid key
"DOWN" isn't a valid key
"LEFT" isn't a valid key

I don't think it's the controller at issue, because all the buttons work when I test them in the DS3 tool

Exec 360controller_shared

Wait what? GES has PS3 controller support?

Where have I been?? I got to try this.

Nothing has PS3 controller support. However, we have Xbox support, so this tut turns PS3 into the Xbox controller.


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