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@Killermonkey: loading times, what are your pc stats?
I have AMD Athlon 64 dual core processor, with 2.1 mghz, 4 GIG RAM, Nvidia 8200M and 320 gigs storage and although my laptop isn't the best, it only cost about 450€, it can run photoshop really smoothly, and it loads in only a few seconds?

But i love gimp anyways, a lot of people seem to underestimate it but it is a powerful tool as well, but exactly as you pointed out, it doesn't get much support from other tools...

@ Rodney, i have the newest instalment of ubuntu, and it IS looking good i can assure you, but i'm still waiting on 64-bit support for the Wine program, so i can finally get rid of Windows.

The upcomming GIMP release (well... upcomming as in Christmass probably) will have a single window mode.

But let us not forget that the only reason graphic editers are single windows on Windows is because (like with everything else in it) the windows manager in Windows sucks balls.

Yet nobody seems to whine about the fact that Photoshop in Mac OS X runs in multiple windows too... And suprise suprise... most professional graphic designers do their thing on an Apple computer.

'Nuff said about single window graphic editing... I can't believe that KillerMonkey doesn't use it simply because it creates 3 icons in the system tray... Like what the hell...

Vincent, I am no noob.

I don't use the GIMP because it just doesn't work for me. The layout of the controls is efffin wierd. When I close an image it closes then pops up a blank image again even if I have another image showing forcing me to close it TWICE.

It does have some pretty nice features and a lot of plugins, but I don't know about 80% of them and they really don't make an effort to make them accessible at my finger tips.

It's not really the multiple windows thing, but its a usability thing

Export in TGA and use the conversion tool.  Do you really want to rely on a plugin when mutiple VTF formats are flying around?

I like GIMP but I can see why most people coming from photoshop don't.

I think you have to adapt and live with it a little while, but for being free it's pretty damn good.


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