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First off, I have both a Linux as a Vista operating system, and on Linux, GIMP comes with the package of Ubuntu for free (and Ubuntu is free as well).

It's a photo editting program, a lot like photoshop ofcourse, with the difference that GIMP offers just a bit more customizability since you can edit the source code of GIMP yourself.


Also, for people who haven't been enlighted by the shining beacon of pirated software, this might be a good replacement for the pricy Photoshop license.

Yeah, everyone grabs the source and rolls their own gimp.

In before drama.

The only thing that stops me from using GIMP on Windows is that it opens up a new taskbar icon for each window (ie not encapsulated in the same program). I am not sure they fixed that yet, but windows 7 actually makes it a moot point. I may try it again, considering photoshop is starting to piss me off with its incredible load times.

It seems that they have fixed the multiple window craziness, however there does not exist a VTF export plugin for the GIMP...


--- Quote from: killermonkey on December 12, 2009, 02:38:14 am ---there does not exist a VTF export plugin for the GIMP...

--- End quote ---

WTF... cant be right. I used it to make textures for CSS before...

Rodney 1.666:
I need to get my dual-boot system going again...
Ubuntu 9.10, Karmic Koala is looking good. (Last one I had was v6.something.)



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