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Mark [lodle]:

--- Quote ---DuctTape is a multi-purpose tool to simplify the not-so-fun parts of creating a mod. The goal is to allow modders, novice or experienced, to focus on their creative process rather than performing redundant or boiler-plate work like writing scripts or ironing out SDK issues. Whether you map, model, animate, create textures or create soundcapes, there are tools that can make your job easier.

But enough jabbering. Screenshots are worth a million words!

The file and folder selection dialogs are specialy written to browse both the local and mounted file system, and even warn you when you are about to override a mounted file.
--- End quote ---


Sounds cool, especially the editable CM and texture auto update.
It also seems to have something like the svn.

I think one day, when this has gone final (or at least beta), it'll be a very usefull tool.

I tried this out about 2 months ago and it was EXTREMELY lacking in features and error checking.


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