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I cannot show a server


Besides I claim to be yue_1993 at the start.
I build a server recently, and operation check in the country was completed, but cannot access it for some reason at once from the outside.
The access in the internal IP address (192.168.*.*) was possible.
In addition, I was able to confirm that a server stood from the outside.
However, it is connection impossibility without actually it being displayed by a list of servers to be connected to the outside IP address.
I carried out "sv_lan 0".

I think it whether perhaps I am caused by the fact that a port does not open if I think.
The 27,015th port is freed, but does not free you other than it.

How do you come by a server exhibition?
Please reply it.

Translation by Yahoo!honyaku

*Side note: this is the funniest translation ever, I will never use Yahoo translator when talking to foreigners because they will laugh at me.*

You want to make sure that these ports (http://www.gameconfig.co.uk/showdetail.asp?id=29) are open and available from your IP address (NOT 192.168.*) that your ISP gave you which can be found here: http://www.whatismyip.com/

Any further help I cannot provide since it is a fault with your setup and I do not know what that setup is.


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