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What can I do to fix this?


I was following Fury's tutorial on how to export/import models in the source engine. I did it, but the texture didn't show up in the model viewer. Come to find out I did something wrong in the .qc file. I fixed up the .qc file, but I can't tell if it overwrote my previous compile because the texture still didn't show up. How do I remove previous compiles so I remove them from the model viewer?

Konrad Beerbaum:
Just go to the directory where you compiled the files to and delete them.  They will be files with your prop name followed by .mdl, .dx80, etc.  There are usually around 5-6 of them, depending on your compile options. 

So... I just delete the .mdl file right? Since all the other files are there for just compiling?

Konrad Beerbaum:
Delete all the named files that are in the same location as the mdl.  The game, and the model viewer uses the other files for different lods, etc. 

Make sure your .vmt is named correctly. To check the texture name open the reference smd with a text editor and look for the texturenames. Some programs have a tendency to cut of the names at letter 8.
If the vmt is named correctly and placed in the right folder it should work.

I never had any real problems with overwriting the existing files when i changed something in the .qc or modified the model, so i guess your texture issue is caused by a wrong typo or path. Also check the texture paths inside the vmt.


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