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Does content have to be GE content?

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For example, if I made a GE themed Dust2 port (purely for example, would it be considered for future release?  Or even if I made a brand new map, would it have to be a GE64 map for it to make it in to an official release?

This is the best spot I could find to post this, hopefully it's in the right place.

Jeron [SharpSh00tah]:
Its not going to be release officially unless you are A on the team and B made a map that existed on the 64 version.

Alright, that's what I figured.  Thanks!

But you can always do 3rd party maps.
I would suggest you to use Goldeneye Source Props & Textures and try something Bond related, not neccessary Goldeneye.
If you choose to recreate a map from Goldeneye, don't use the name it would have officially, like ge_temple coz this would cause problems when the official map will be added.
The most common way is to add your name to it (ge_temple_claytonian) this will also help you to get credit for your work, just in case someone forgets to give you credit when hosting the map.

yep, we could use some more third party maps. I wouldn't mind seeing maps from any of the other movies. :)


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