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Hammer editor help!


I am new to the whole hammer editor thing and I just downloaded it Saturday. I make a map, do what ever i need to, load it up in ep1, and start.

Problem 1: no HUD, can't see my health, suit power, anything, nothing.
Problem 2: Can't switch between weapons. I place multiple weapons on the map and pick them ALL up and can't switch between them. I have to discharge all my ammo in order to get a different weapon up. (lame)
Problem 3: I walk super slooooooooow. its like the 'walk' key is glued or something, but its not. lol. I also can't sprint. i can jump and crouch!

Now all of these problems happen ONLY in my map, everything just fine with the actual game. in my source SDK menu both things are set to Episode 1, i have the orange box, not sure if that would mess anything. i would make maps for episode 2 except my computer can't play. I need different hardware.

Well that's about all of it. any body got any ideas? Help? Maybe i could give someone the map, and they could try it out for me. maybe its just my computer.

Mike [fourtecks]:
map for episode 1 eh? If this is the game you are really mapping for, you probably need to add the HEV suit which will fix most of your problems you are having

How do you do that?

Never Mind, figured it out my self. Thanks so much.


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