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Hi guys. I love GE:S

I wanted to make a multiplayer co-op map where you fight the computer. And some other stuff. can u do it with lua?

i did alot of myth2 game scripting, if it can be done i probably can do it

There is currently no support for computer AI competitors.

Mark [lodle]:
Well not yet any way :P

So all the uh... constants? commands? that i can use for scripting are:


correct? plus the syntax for LUA of course

well they got enough commands to do some good stuff anyway. Maybe we can petition them for NPC movement and remake a few of the solo levels from N64

i offer my 5 years of python/c++ to get some NPC movement

Mark [lodle]:
Those commands are only for gameplay mods. As i said above, there is no support for it yet.


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