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Loafie, Hero of Dreams:
There's a lot of confusion about the correct way to compile cubemaps for HDR. Here's a quick rundown of commands to put in the developer console to get them quick, easy, and correctly.

Enter these commands in this order:

buildcubemaps [This is to build cubemaps in HDR]
mat_hdr_level 0 [This sets your lighting to LDR only, but won't take effect until...]
map ge_yourmap [You need to reload your map, and using the map command will properly dis/reconnect you]
buildcubemaps [Build us some LDR cubemaps!]
mat_hdr_level 2 [Reset your HDR]
map ge_yourmap [Another disconnect and reload of your map to properly fire up HDR]

and presto, super sexy cubemaps! Hop to it!

Jeron [SharpSh00tah]:
Actually lofi, you do not need to exit the map from your mat_hdr_level2 to level 0 transition.

Loafie, Hero of Dreams:
yep. you do. or the lighting does not load properly. Bloom will turn off, but it will not be proper LDR.


Check under Cubemaps And HDR

Jeron [SharpSh00tah]:
oh snapp, TY

Loafie, Hero of Dreams:
your normals are going to look so much hotter <3


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