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Motion Blur and Source Recorder?

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Jonathon [SSL]:
Hi, I've been doing some work on my second GoldenEye: Source Beta 3 trailer, which is essentially a stylized frag video, like VC's, but with a more cinematic feel and crazy staged shots. One of the things I've been trying to get in the video are extra bloom and motion blur, but I've been having some real issues getting the motion blur to render properly when I go to save the demo file as an AVI within source (I can't afford fraps at the moment). Essentially, all that happens is that it doesn't show up in the least, even when I turn the intensity up 50x the default, so that when you play back the demo in the engine the motion blur kicks in even with the slightest twitch of the mouse.

Here's what it looks like when playing back the demo file:

Then it goes back to normal while rendering as an AVI file(I'm doing the same rapid turn here as in the above shot):

I was planning on using the motion blur effect combined with rapid turning as a form of transitioning between shots.

Source recorder seems to be one of those things which has very little documentation (only one short page in the Valve Developer Wiki, I'm mostly self-taught), and I was just curious to know if anyone else has any idea of how to solve this problem.

Just add the motion blur to the non-blurred AVI in your video editor.  The ammo digits will swirl a bit but that's not particularly important.

Since motion blur is a post process effect I bet it gets bypassed for output sources

wow... km really wanted to post that...

Sean [Baron]:
Lol, nice multi post KM.



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