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Author Topic: - "Spread the Infection"  (Read 1066 times)

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    • Biohaze Gaming - "Spread the Infection"
« on: February 04, 2009, 09:03:39 pm »

I haven't actually told you what I do when I'm not checking GE:S forums.
I'm a leader for an online gaming clan, as well as a co-owner of a online gaming community known as - and our slogan, if you haven't guessed it is "Spread the Infection."

Biohaze Gaming, or Biohaze as its more commonly referred to is a community for gamers on all platforms, ages, skill levels, etc. We aim to create one central point for all gamers to converge in the one place to discuss the one thing they love to do. Gaming.

We offer some services which I think you might be able make use of.

* Free promotion - We aren't as "ZOMGDONTPOSTTHATSH*THERE!" as some other places I've seen. We let players promote their businesses or clans for free, provided they are in the correct board. If they aren't then we simply move them. We have even had advertise on our forums. Good place to get some exposure methinks.
* Modding Development - Here you can find some help or look for modders in which can help you achieve your goal. Its a tad bleak atm, as there aren't many members of Biohaze who actually mod although there has been some requests for some tutoring by a few members. You guys could possibly use this as a Modding Diary or extended recruitment for GE:S.
* Gamers News - We've been a bit lazy with this too, because our main source of info stopped screening sometime last year. However I've had plans to add release dates to GN such as steam game updates, releases etc.
* Member Game Reviews - We allow our members to write their own reviews for any game or mod they've played. I did plan to do a GE:S review, but I figured I'd wait till beta 3. If any of you wanna take charge on it, then go for your lives.
* Free Clan Recruitment - As mentioned, we offer free advertisment. This includes clan recruitment.
* Free Technical Support (Within Reason) - We offer some free technical support with computer and console hardware issues for free, however the advice taken is not guaranteed. We offer it for free, because we may have experienced it before, or it might be a common issue. Any actions taken after the advice given is the end users responsibility. (Not to sound harsh, but really it is)
* PC and Console Specific game discussion - Talk about any game you like, even the classics like the original GoldenEye. We have boards for most of the consoles, but we can't list them all. We're only human.

Our memberbase was growing at one point, but slowly started to drift in recent months. Perhaps some of the GE:S team could post on Biohaze about GE:S and raise some interests, and increase your overall publicity.

I hope to see some more people!

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