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Well, alright, the warehouse and outdoors part of my map is all done. Unfortunately, now it crashes when I try to load the map through GE:S.  I attached a text file of my compile.

The WARNING: Too many light styles on a face thing...  I looked that up, and found out that you have to remove names from all lights that aren't going to be triggered in some way
. I removed the names from ALL my lights, and this still shows up.

The Error: displacement found on a(n) func_detail entity - not supported thing... I don't ever remember turning my displacement terrain into a 'func_detail', but my map was crashing before it was a 'func_detail', as far as I can remember. Yes, I've read MANY tutorials...  Help please?

The newer .vmf file is here.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Jonathon [SSL]:
A great thing to do sometimes if you're getting map compiling issues without any known cause (As in you've fixed the problem but it still doesn't work), or are doing a final compile, is to copy all of the geometry within Hammer, then create a new .vmf and paste all the geometry inside the new file, then name it something else. (perhaps it gets rid of some kind of leftover code in the vmf or something? I don't know, but it works.)

As for your displacements, make sure that none of the sides are textured with nodraw (or any other tool texture for that matter), and go around your map. Double click on each of your displacement brushes, and if any of them come up with a properties window that says "func_detail" in it, then exit the properties window and right click on the brush in one of the 2D views and click "Move to world".

All of your displacements should, when double clicked, have a window pop up with a bunch of checkboxes i it.

The file you uploaded is the .bsp file, not the .vmf

let's take a look at the compile text:

--- Quote ---Error: displacement found on a(n) func_detail entity - not supported
--- End quote ---
find the func_detail displacment and turn it back with the "move to world" command or remove the displacement
with "destroy" in the texture tool. (what you do depends on what it should be at the end fubnc_detail or displacement).
oh and don't ever do this again.

--- Quote ---LoadPortals: couldn't read c:\sandbox\goldeneye\maps\ge_warehouse.prt
--- End quote ---
Uhhh... delete the .prt and .bsp file, i guess the next compile will result in a leak error (so don't do that)
instead of that, copy the whole thing into a new file and save it.
Try to find the leak in your map, then compile again. if it still gives you a leak error, load the pointfile to find it, then repeat the compiling. still a leak? hunt it down too.
Dont even think about adding a big hollowed brush arround the whole map, of course this will work for now, but you need to find the leak anyway. The best indicator for a map without leaks is that vvis has completed the portalflow.

--- Quote ---WARNING: Too many light styles on a face (-9213,334,8879)
--- End quote ---
you got a lot of dynamic lights which are in the same area too. This is the ultimate map killer.
Check all your lights for their appeariance, set it to regular (every flickering light is a dynamic one).

--- Quote ---I looked that up, and found out that you have to remove names from all lights that aren't going to be triggered in some way
--- End quote ---
right. but also think about if you really need dynamic lights in there, and even if the map benifite from it, try to do only one dynamic light in the same area/room.

Alright, here is a beta of my warehouse map. The rotating doors are not finished. Think it has potential?


At first i would suggest you to remove sharphhootahs "signature" from the map.
The rotating doors are fucked up indeed. Exploding cartonage boxes WTF?

The map itself is still very small, and the player is forced to use the tiny corridor to reach the other side of it cause there is no other way around.
This works for SP games but in Multiplayer there has to be another layout with several ways.
Also the prop placement seems kinda random to me, just like you tried to put in as many props as possible no matter if they block the player or makes any sense at all (the Goldeneye Key, blockades instead of a street outside the building).

Potential yea, but there is a lot of work to do.
As i said before start with a concept, draw a layout or something.
Think about some Architecture which will make your map unique.

Maybe you can find something more Bond-ish setting too. Watch some Bond Films and search for something you would like to recreate. Or play some Bond Games and rebuild one of their multiplayer maps.


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