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[TIP] Photoshop clipboard stops recognizing external programs.


Konrad Beerbaum:
This is a really annoying issue.  Basically what happens is that the photoshop clipboard stops recognizing copys from outside the program.  For example, you hit copy in crazy bump or xnormal, or hit print screen, but photoshop doesn't recognize it and just pastes whatever your last copy was inside of photoshop. 

So here is the fix.

Open up notepad and paste in the following text.

--- Code: ---
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

--- End code ---

Version 10.0 is Photoshop CS3. If you have CS2, use 9.0; for CS, 8.0; and for Photoshop 7, 7.0. Save the file as AlwaysImportClipbd_ON.reg, then double-click on it to add the info to the registry. That’s it!


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