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  • November 15, 2018, 11:21:18 PM
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 on: November 11, 2018, 02:08:48 AM 
Started by WNxRicky - Last post by WNxRicky
One of the issues I have in my Subpen map is that the cubemap reflections for the corridor part aren't working correctly. In the original version of the map it looked like this:

In my version it looks like this (sorry for the dark screenshots, it looks brighter in-game):

There are basically two main materials used here. The first one is the metal texture which uses cubemaps to achieve this shiny/glossy metal effect. The vmt file looks like this:
Code: [Select]
"$basetexture" "Subpen/green_metal"
"$surfaceprop" "Metal"
"$envmap" "env_cubemap"
"$envmaptint" "[.5 .5 .5]"

The second material is the blue light texture on the lamp/light props. The vmt file for the material looks like this:
Code: [Select]
"$basetexture" "models/props/subpen/corridorLight"
"$selfillum" "1"
"$selfillummaskscale" "1.0"

Either way, I have three issues I hope to get solved.
The first one is pretty obvious and can be seen in the in-game screenshot. There is a blurry weird looking reflection of the light/lamp prop. I don't know exactly what causes it (although it is clearly related to the cubemaps). I tried increasing the number of cubemaps, decreasing the number of cubemaps, changing which faces the cubemaps are assigned to and so on but so far I haven't gotten rid of this weird reflection. Actually the only way I found to get rid of this issue is to change from prop_static to prop_dynamic_override, in which case it looks like this:

In this case there are no reflections at all, not even in the scope of the moonraker. It gets rid of the problem but it looks dry.

A somewhat related issue is that I want to be able to decrease the intensity of lamp/light texture. It shouldn't be as bright as it is. I've looked into it a bit but I'm still not sure how it's done.

The third issue is that when applying a material using cubemaps on certain brushes there are weird edges visible. This can be clearly seen in these images:

I have no idea what causes these.

 on: November 10, 2018, 10:50:32 PM 
Started by WNxRicky - Last post by WNxRicky
With less than two months to go to the initial deadline I want to give an extensive update and give my thoughts for what I will do next.

How has it gone so far?

Well, things haven't gone as well as I hoped for. I will start explaining by giving an overview of the months so far. In December 2017 I started my master's thesis (which was the only remaining part in my master of science in electrical engineering degree). At first the work burden wasn't too bad. This enabled me to do some work on the Subpen (although I still didn't work on it often enough). However, already in March I started getting more and more busy with the master's thesis. Things got especially bad in April, May and the first half of June. In April I pretty much stopped working with the Subpen. In June and July I was busy with finishing up the last parts of my master's thesis (there wasn't much left to do but I had to correct some errors in the report). In August I was finally able to apply for my degree (I had to wait for the university administration to return from their vacations). In August and September I was somewhat busy looking for work. I didn't have the will to return to working on the Subpen until I got this sorted out. In October I finally returned to working on Subpen, although I took a break in the beginning of November.

But how much work did I get done on the level during these months? Well, not much. I added a few props to the map (mostly existing ones). I tried adding new parts to the map but didn't feel inspired enough to go through with that. I experimented with an underwater tunnel only to come to the conclusion that it wouldn't fit in the map. I fixed some minor bugs. And so on.

An issue of motivation

But why do I work on the map so rarely? Why do I have trouble to keep being motivated? Is it just an issue of being busy? Nope, the main issue is not that I'm too busy to work on Subpen. Sure, now I'm working so I'm busy most of the time on weekdays. Despite this I could easily find maybe even 3h per day on workdays to work on Subpen and then even more time during weekends. Time is not the main issue. Neither is tiredness. Sure, after work I can be tired sometimes but I still tend to find enough energy to do other things such as learning German (I started learning German in the middle of August). The issue is that I lack the motivation to work on mapping. Unlike programming for instance I don't really enjoy it too much. There are three specific parts I have issues with:
The main issue is creating custom props. I don't think it's fun to create 3D models, especially complicated ones. The issue is that I'm not good at Blender (or any other 3D modelling program) and I don't have the motivation to become good at it. Thus I don't enjoy creating 3D models and I tend to get stuck when trying to create more complicated ones (I simply give up).
The second issue is that although I have visions for how extensions to a map could look (for instance the harbor part I mentioned in my original post), I fail to implement them in practice in Hammer. It's not so much that I lack creativity in this regard, it's just that I don't have the creativity to make the new segments fit with the rest of the map. I suppose I prefer if I'm given the measurements rather than trying to figure out suiting measurements on my own.
The third issue is that I don't like creating custom textures either. However, creating custom textures is much easier than creating custom props (for the most part at least). Since I've done lots of photo editing in GIMP I for the most part have the skills needed in order to create custom textures. Still, it can be a hassle, especially when you can't find a good template texture to work on.

What's next?

With all that being said I still want to finish the project, but it will be not as ambitious as described in the original post. I will keep the current extension of the map but I will not add any new parts such as the harbor or an underwater tunnel. I will however create the underwater transition between the two parts of the maps (see point 1 near the end of the original post).

My main focus will instead be on finishing what I've got, specifically:

- I will add the missing props. Wherever I can I will use existing GE:S props rather than creating new ones. An example of this is the computer panel props in the submarine. I re-created one of the computer panel props from the original map but the other two computer panel props from the original are harder to create and I did get stuck when trying to create them. Thus creating the two remaining computer panel props might be a futile effort for me. Instead what I will do is that I will simply re-use some of the existing GE:S computer or computer panel props. Although it won't anymore look like in the original map (not that it has to, it is after all not a classic version of Subpen), there are two advantages: The first one is that I don't have to expend much time and effort into creating my own props and the second one is that the GE:S props are much more detailed and much better looking anyway. A similar case can be made for other props. For instance I can re-use the existing office chair prop rather than creating a new one. I can also re-use one of the hanging lamp props instead of creating a new one. Furthermore I can modify existing GE:S props to suit my needs instead of creating new props from scratch.
- The same goes for textures. To the extent possible I will either re-use existing GE:S textures or find textures on sites such as fpsbanana and use those (possibly with some modifications).
- After I add the rest of the props, the rest of the textures, finish the current extension to the map and create the underwater transition between the two sides of the map, there will not be a whole lot work left. The remaining parts will include: improving the lighting, adding sounds, adding music, changing or adding spawns, changing or adding armor and weapon locations, fixing bugs, testing (to make sure the map balance is correct), optimization, and so on.

Needless to say I probably won't be done with the map this year. I'm actually aiming for beginning of April but who knows, maybe it will be done before that.

Will I work on other maps?

Given what I've said in this post it's not likely that I will work on other maps but I would love to see Auric Enterprise from Goldfinger and the Space Station from Moonraker. If I would work on another map I would not make the mistake of getting stuck on the minor details of having the exact textures or exact props. Sure, it's nice to have textures and props resembling the original ones (in this case from the movies) but I won't be the one creating them at least.

 on: November 10, 2018, 04:00:40 PM 
Started by JamieF4178 - Last post by JamieF4178
Heeeeeeyyyy I'm new here and I was wondering, Is it possible to make your own custom achievements? I would love to and I searched every where for a tutorial but came up empty. Does anyone know if its possible? And if so, where could I learn how?
Thanks for your time. I look forward to making mods for Goldeneye:Source ;D

 on: November 10, 2018, 02:13:24 PM 
Started by L. Spiro - Last post by L. Spiro
Just to give an update, since progress on Perfect Dark appears to have stopped while new OST’s are being uploaded.
Perfect Dark is done recording (with over 110 songs to upload), but I have larger plans for the videos and some equipment is on its way.

I will be traveling abroad to undergo a significant life-altering surgery next week.  I don’t have the equipment to make the Perfect Dark videos how I want them and instead of making a quick set to be replaced later I have decided to use this time to get in as many small and simple OST’s as I can.

So for the moment I may or may not upload another small OST, then 2 weeks of silence as I recover, followed by Perfect Dark and then business as usual.  Note that GoldenEye 007 will actually be redone one final time (no other OST’s are currently slated to be redone).

L. Spiro

 on: November 10, 2018, 06:12:57 AM 
Started by WNxRicky - Last post by WNxRicky
Sorry for the late response. Kraid helped me out with this issue. He has two example maps where there is the appearance/illusion of being underwater while not being inside of a water brush. Either way I came to the conclusion that an underwater tunnel wouldn't really fit in my map so I will not include it.

 on: November 05, 2018, 01:35:56 AM 
Started by KekC - Last post by KekC
Map is updated:

- added new room with balcony
- small fixes

Download from 1 post.

Need feedback for future update of map.

 on: November 04, 2018, 06:32:07 AM 
Started by Whimsical - Last post by Entropy-Soldier
I managed to get the demo recording working properly this time so it was a lot easier to get footage:

I feel like this version played pretty well and I didn't hear any complaining, so I feel that things are certainly on the right track now.  The new weapon switch design is much more satisfying and useful, the reduced prevalence of the AR33 and auto shotgun had a huge impact on the viability of most loadouts, and the messages that tell you what weapons you have really help bring things together.  It still didn't win an encore vote though, by a very small margin, which makes me feel it could use a few more tweaks.

The knife speed boost is perhaps a bit too good.  The knife is actually already a really good situational weapon, and speed increases tend to be one of the more tactically useful abilities you can have.  Moving faster lets you pick your fights, avoid enemy attacks, and reposition yourself quicker to get more opportunistic kills.  It also stacks with strafe running so a 25% speed boost lets you run 75% faster than the base move speed instead of the standard 40%.  It would probably be worth reducing the speed boost to 10% or 15% as it would still be very useful but not overwhelmingly so. 

It might also be worth telling the player just how much of a damage/speed boost they're getting as it's useful information to have.

I'd also be interested in experimenting with giving the player a small amount of armor for switching weapons, as an extra incentive for doing so.  Even with the new system that doesn't interrupt the momentum of the combat, I still found myself not using the switch function as much as I could have been.  Maybe it could tie into your unique weapon kills, gaining 2 bars for each weapon you got a kill with.  Would make switching without the full gamut not feel like you're throwing away progress on your current loadout.

Either way, I feel like the mode is polished enough to put it in rotation on my server.  It's got a unique flow to it that most players might need some time to pick up on, but I'm confident they'll enjoy the mode once they figure it out.  Thanks for all your work on it so far!  It's coming along great.

 on: November 03, 2018, 05:30:05 PM 
Started by markpeterjameslegg - Last post by malacky
EDIT: I'm sorry for being dumb, I didn't complete step 3 of the installation guide here:

I downloaded 5.0.6 from moddb too, and after installing, I click the desktop link, and windows tells me that it's a broken link to gesource_run.exe. I go to the link folder but there's no gesource_run.exe. What executable should I be running to run the game? I've tried to install twice now. And I don't see any executables in sourcemods/gesource/bin/

Thanks for the help.

 on: November 03, 2018, 03:58:47 PM 
Started by L. Spiro - Last post by L. Spiro
I am spending a lot more time on Perfect Dark than I ever imagined, but the results are turning out great.

Today I uploaded the first “source” recording:
This means that it uses the actual source that was sampled to create the in-game sample for that song.

L. Spiro

 on: November 02, 2018, 05:56:48 PM 
Started by Whimsical - Last post by Entropy-Soldier
I would say the laser is almost in a class of its own.  It's about as good as the AR-33 unless you have amazing hitscan tracking, and actually much worse if your hitscan aim is bad, but the infinite ammo means it gives you an indefinite mid-tier loadout.  If you get the guaranteed uber weapon switch it's usually worth it to switch though since all the other uber weapons are better than the laser and you probably won't live forever so it's best to chain upgrades if possible.

That being said, if you manage to snag a powerup like increased damage or radar invisibility along with the laser it's almost always worth keeping as it's now quite powerful and you'll never have to adapt your playstyle or deal with the chance of getting a sub-par loadout.  I don't think this is really a bad thing but it makes the laser a rather unique weapon...not incredibly powerful on its own but very useful due to its consistency and ability to keep a power-up indefinitely.

Also shoot, I didn't realize you couldn't get two powerup weapons in one loadout, but it makes sense.  I don't think this ever actually happened when I played, I just thought it was possible so I was giving it as an extreme example of how good the powerups could be.  Makes sense that it's not!

Anyway, I'll try to get you another recording tomorrow night as it's dev night, but it does take some effort to set up so I might have to do it some time during the week instead.  Either way, I'm really looking forward to checking this out!  I'll be sure to give you a writeup on how it goes at the very least.

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