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Title: Map ; UT_Morpheus
Post by: namajnaG on July 01, 2019, 09:29:24 pm
NamajnaG presents


A recreation from Unreal Tournament 1999


Greetings everyone! Yet again, I've done another Unreal Tournament recreation for Goldeneye Source, this time DM-Morpheus.

Morpheus is a small scale killbox-style map taking place on three skyscrappers in space, and as usual with all my Unreal Tournament recreations, is as accurate to the original as possible.

This project originally started as a joke map over a year ago in May 2018 and also a way to experiment with how skyboxes were made in Unreal Tournament and how I could remake them in the Source engine.
After completing most of the map's geometry and making the skybox to my liking, I stopped working on it and the map laid abandonned in my hard drive for nearly ten months.
It is only in April that I decided to finish it, given the amount of work already done on it. I worked on and off on it very slowly but I finally reached a release point.

This map isn't very special in any means, being a joke map from the start, but it should still be fun enough for occasional matches.

Features ;
-The map is low gravity in the outside areas, and the inside areas are regular gravity.
-Morpheus features health packs just as in Unreal Tournament! These health packs will fill 20% of your health.
-It also has a shit ton of easter eggs. Can you find them all?
-Lastly, the map was built strictly for deathmatch modes due to the fact that it really is too small to have CTF on it.

This map supports up to 16 players, but quite honestly, try to avoid playing this map with more than eight players. Originally it supported ten.
Happy fragging!

Server owners ; there is a .res File included as an attachment to ensure players download all the right files. Special thanks to MrE
Title: Re: Map ; UT_Morpheus
Post by: soupcan on July 02, 2019, 01:20:46 am
Looks amazing :)
Title: Re: Map ; UT_Morpheus
Post by: JamieF4178 on September 10, 2019, 07:37:07 pm
Looks awesome! Dare I ask if there's bot support?
Title: Re: Map ; UT_Morpheus
Post by: namajnaG on September 11, 2019, 11:56:05 am
Looks awesome! Dare I ask if there's bot support?

Thank you! Sadly it does not because bots aren't programmed to jump around towers. Adding bots would just make them stuck on the same tower constantly.