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Title: Lots of reports of people's games crashing
Post by: null on January 25, 2017, 12:07:07 pm
Almost everyone i know has had their client crash multiple times, while i haven't been able to pinpoint why my game crashed, the only thing that helped were my settings in the screen shot I've attached.  I haven't found any good way to test this, maybe there are tools or logs i haven't looked into to help?

Title: Re: Lots of reports of people's games crashing
Post by: Mangley on January 27, 2017, 07:34:15 pm
It's fairly well known that the main culprits of crashing are:

1) Playing on servers with higher than 20 player slots - game isn't designed or tested for this, it's pretty much objectively a broken game at higher playercounts and we're already pushing it with the resource usage in the engine with 16 players. The engine supports up to 32 players - Our mod does not.

2) Alt-Tabbing from / minimizing the game for a duration of time where the map changes to a resource intensive one - the engine farts hard and doesn't do anything well when it's not in focus. (Can be mitigated somewhat by running the game Windowed)

3) Servers not running our approved map chooser plugin - therefore circumventing our crash prevention method on map changes for people running in High texture detail.

4) Changing servers between or re-hosting local servers on resource intensive maps with High texture settings. This also circumvents our crash prevention method for map changes.

The temporary hotfix for #1 is server admins being responsible about the specs of their servers.

Other than #2 we're working on solutions for, for the next update. We can't do anything about #2 because we can't touch the engine's code.

For now #3 and #4 can be prevented by lowering your texture detail.
Title: Re: Lots of reports of people's games crashing
Post by: markpeterjameslegg on January 27, 2017, 08:24:51 pm
Also, I have read about people getting 4K by changing resolution back and forth between menus... In my personal experience, changing resolutions can make the engine unstable and crash. I use 2K with everything maxed in game, but Anti-aliasing, Anistropic Filtering, V-Sync I force on in Nvidia Control Panel and the game runs perfect. Something else worth mentioning is that trying to force multithreading via 'mat_queue_mode' causes a crash, I found this out from personal experience.