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Title: [Level] Ge_ChateauDuclare_v01
Post by: Adrian on July 25, 2014, 10:44:06 am

Development Thread (,7817.0.html)

 The map is not only a recreation of the DuClare Chateau from the original Deus Ex, but a re-imagining, created with modern tools and decorated with elaborate detail. It is broken down into four main areas:

 Overall, the layout of the map was engineered in such a way that all paths flow into each other and ensures that there are zero dead ends. There was also a good deal of thought put into weapon and armor placement, so gameplay is balanced. We spent the first few weeks tweaking this to get it right.

 The biggest difference in this map as opposed to its original design is the basement. In the original Deus Ex, the basement was one dead end to reach a critical objective. Here, in multiplayer, the layout was redesigned to eliminate this problem while keeping the focal points, the wine cellar and the control room, in tact.

( ( ( (

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Custom models aside from GES assets:
 - E-S

Custom sounds/music:
 - Ion Storm, as they are ripped from Deus Ex

Beta testers:
 - Bashe
 - C.P Horse
 - Crow
 - CCsaint
 - E-S
 - Eliwood
 - Gabbo
 - Jimbo
 - Luchador
 - Mangley
 - NamajnaG
 - Soup Can
 - Sparks
 - Troy
 - proxie
 - wtfhax

 I would like to thank Bashe for letting me host all private playtesting on the TG server, in addition to the release party today. I would also like to thank Troy for hosting the first public event for the map earlier this month. I cannot thank Mangley enough mentoring me in photoshop; I developed many invaluable skills thanks to him. Finally, a thousand words of thanks to E-S for being my mentor with the whole project from the start. He has provided some of the most useful feedback that helped me advance my skills not only as a mapper, but as a person.

It truly was an incredible, productive and rewarding four months. Thank you!!

-=Download=- (
Title: Re: Ge_ChateauDuclare_v01
Post by: Entropy-Soldier on July 25, 2014, 11:13:31 am
Glad to see it's finally here!  This is one of the best community maps we've had in a very long time, and it was a privilege to be a part of it.  You were a real pleasure to work with, and I think you owe a lot more to yourself than to me.  It's very rare that someone can stick with a project of this scale, especially while constantly working to improve themselves and deliver something beyond their ability when they started.  You did all that and more, so make no mistake, almost all of the credit belongs to you!

This will be a refreshing addition to the map rotation, and I hope a precursor to some even better stuff in the future!
Title: Re: Ge_ChateauDuclare_v01
Post by: Luchador on July 25, 2014, 11:42:31 am
This is really awesome. I second what E-S said. Well done and I hope we see more from you in the future.  ;D
Title: Re: Ge_ChateauDuclare_v01
Post by: Troy on July 25, 2014, 12:56:11 pm
I'll be uploading this to my server.
Title: Re: Ge_ChateauDuclare_v01
Post by: Mangley on July 25, 2014, 03:13:39 pm
Great work Adrian! You have gone above and beyond to create an excellent map that plays well and looks great. I'm impressed by how quickly it came together, it seems like such a short time ago when I saw the first block-out of the map.
Title: Re: Ge_ChateauDuclare_v01
Post by: soupcan on July 25, 2014, 03:50:12 pm
Excellent work indeed!
Title: Re: Ge_ChateauDuclare_v01
Post by: markpeterjameslegg on July 25, 2014, 05:35:19 pm
You da man... Seriously, this deserves a big pat on the back, oustanding work. I so look forward to your next project ***** (5 Stars)
Title: Re: Ge_ChateauDuclare_v01
Post by: Troy on August 01, 2014, 06:37:30 pm
I'll be hosting an event for this map today at 5pm EST.
Title: Re: Ge_ChateauDuclare_v01
Post by: CCsaint10 on August 06, 2014, 12:31:48 pm
Very happy to see this as well. I have been on vacation for the last 2.5 weeks, so I am eager to jump into this map and give it a good run. Hopefully, I can find a game of people one of these weekend nights coming up. Well done Adrian and I am happy to see apply for a trial. You are going to rock it man! Keep up the good work.