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Title: Great job guys!
Post by: 7SEALS on December 15, 2010, 02:34:22 pm
Just wanted to drop by and complement you guys on such a great job on this current release. I only got to jump on for a couple rounds because my computer was running sluggish (loved every second of it though!!). Doing a fresh install of XP (been a few years) to see if I can get this to run a little smoother until I can get some cash together for a new PC build. I remember this mod before it even was released as an alpha. I remember the old Christmas release. I was a tester for a short while too, but not quite sure what happened there. Haven't been around, kind of forgot about the mod until I saw some articles on digg/reddit about a new release (out of beta!!). It has come a long way from what I remember. Thanks for your hard work guys!! Just finishing up this fresh install and I will be back on.