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Title: Legal grounds [must read]
Post by: Wake[of]theBunT on March 10, 2010, 09:48:25 am
I'm going to sticky this topic and lock it, it is going to be a reference for any legal issue from our end and from yours as users of OUR community forum. The ban hammer is in place if you chose to violate our positions laid out here.

Q. Is there an issue with me posting n64 rips for the community?
A. Yes, most definitely. It is not only against the law for our modification to harbour it, its against our rules and forum code of conduct.

Use of materials over-writing our work is not encouraged, and links to such materials will NEVER be allowed to exist here. If you have the means to do it for personal use that is obviously none of our business. Bringing it here makes it our business.

One warning on this behaviour may be extended, but expect every post on the subject, asking, or posting links, to be deleted within hours if not immediately. I would advise against using our PM system to circumvent this rule as our sysops can monitor this activity.

Quote from: EMH Mark
personally I'm more happy with the sound recreations that the Devs made because they sound newer, improved, and yet still stay true to the original N64 sounds.
*more legal grounds issues Q/A may be included in time. Keep checking back*

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