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Title: Hl2.exe (This game is unavailable)
Post by: keefy on February 26, 2010, 05:30:47 am
I noticed sometimes the hl2.exe doesn't always quit when I quit the game causing the message "this game is unavailable try later" or something to that effect.  Task manager I hear you say yes that works but having to load it up then find the process then click end is annoying so here is a better way I think.

Open up notepad
copy+paste the following code into it
Save as "kill_hl2.bat"

NOTE: You need the quotations "" otherwise it will save as a text file

tskill hl2
tskill GameOverlayUI

Now next time it happens simply double ckick it to end the process.

This will work with any game that uses hl2.exe.

Is it possible to assign it to keyboard shortcuts?