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  • August 15, 2018, 09:29:21 AM
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 on: Yesterday at 06:49:34 PM 
Started by and.punker - Last post by allspiceberry143
I saw that too. Some portion of the reason so much else was changed was that we didn't get excessively hung up on rolling out irrelevant improvements. The menu foundation was really made in the last seven day stretch of improvement.

 on: August 12, 2018, 03:09:02 PM 
Started by John Doom - Last post by papel
Thank you my friend. I'll wait for the changes.

 on: August 12, 2018, 10:09:14 AM 
Started by John Doom - Last post by John Doom
You're correct, it was last updated in 12/08/2018 at 2:20 UTC+01:00 (time to go to sleep :D), but this means it should be the same script you tested (,8900.msg87011.html#msg87011).
I'm sorry it didn't work last time, I'll do my best to fix this issue.

 on: August 12, 2018, 08:05:22 AM 
Started by John Doom - Last post by papel
The date of the file is 08/12/2018. I thought you updated. It was working until when I downloaded the version of that date.

 on: August 12, 2018, 04:46:26 AM 
Started by KekC - Last post by KekC
Server is stopped.
Around 10 players connected, really played 2. Players not used jumps to cars, but jump in windows. Playable area minimum for 5 players on one side of river, not all streets is playable.

Need feedback for next update of map.

 on: August 12, 2018, 04:26:32 AM 
Started by KekC - Last post by papel
KekC, it's a great map, congratulations. However, it is too big and tiring to play it. Could you reduce it? Thank you!

 on: August 12, 2018, 02:24:19 AM 
Started by John Doom - Last post by John Doom
:D Actually I haven't updated the attachment yet. It probably happens in a specific situation, could you describe what happened? If it happens again, I'd suggest rematching, changing map or recreating the server. Meanwhile I'll work on fixing this issue as the first priority.

 on: August 12, 2018, 01:18:39 AM 
Started by John Doom - Last post by papel
John, this latest update does not allow anyone to be MI6. All players are being forced into the janus team.

 on: August 11, 2018, 10:34:20 PM 
Started by John Doom - Last post by John Doom
Thanks, guys :)

papel, I'll see if I can add some kind of warming up so the game doesn't start until there are enough players.

Thanks for your detailed reply, Entropy-Soldier.
I definitely don't want the agent to be invincible (unless he's Boris :D).

I think stealth is a useful strategy, but I doubt it would work against 15 players all around the map. :D I wonder if there's a way to actually prevent players to give away the agent's position. I also think armors are necessary, so that if someone makes a mistake, has still a slim chance to retry without dying and getting frustrated.
So I'll definitely use "CalculateCustomDamage" as you suggested and, for now, I'll just double Janus team's damage, so that the agent is less likely to pick up another armor on time.

 on: August 11, 2018, 07:24:32 PM 
Started by John Doom - Last post by Entropy-Soldier
We played a few rounds tonight and people seemed to have a great time.  I think the mode didn't really behave at all as intended, but pretty much everyone on the server wanted to keep playing it and it got an encore twice so clearly there's something to how it works right now that people really enjoyed.

I think the biggest reason it doesn't play as intended is that even with enemy teams set to not show on the radar people would call out where the 007 was and very quickly the mode would devolve into a giant horde following 007 around.  Enemies still have normal health so 007 can't kill them very quickly, and 007 has 16 times normal health so the giant horde of enemies can't kill him very quickly either.  This makes getting the objective tokens pretty hard as enemies usually come back faster than 007 can kill them and almost always pick up the dropped tokens before he can.

Also the armor provides a -ton- of health to 007 and generally he can just stay alive forever unless the guards actively try and eat up armor spawns.

I think the biggest question after having played it is if you want it to be a stealth-based sneaking mode, or a juggernaut mode.  The current health values make it into more of a juggernaut mode where 007 is nearly invincible and can take on a lot of enemies at once, but the current objective setup makes it pointless for him to do so as his chance of picking up the token from slain enemies is very low when their friends are around to instantly pick them back up.  Conversely, for a sneaking mode everyone just has way too much health and allowing players to carry around the objectives means the optimal strategy is for Janus to just ball up into one giant group so 007 can't get a chance to pick up the tokens and they can all fight him at once.

I'd say for a juggernaut style mode, just give points to bond for kills and points to Janus for doing damage to him.  Also do the damage scaling in CalculateCustomDamage instead of using the SetDamageMultiplier() function as that function also scales the damage caps meaning 15 players shooting at bond isn't much better than 3-4.  Also turn off armor so bond can't just keep picking it up for infinite life.

For the sneaking mode, I'd say just turn the objectives into capture points that Janus has to spread out and defend.  Maybe even have multiple objective types such as one player being a VIP that bond needs to kill instead of just having X capture points he needs to capture.  Maybe use the StagnateArmorSpawns function and stop Janus from picking it up to turn armor into a single-use resource for bond like it was in GE64 singleplayer.  The biggest thing though would be to only give bond at most 3 times the normal health, and give the guards perhaps 1/4th the normal health.  This would make guards much more threatening to bond in groups while making it much easier for him to take out key guards and stop them from massing into one giant army.  Give both bond and the guards a 4x damage multiplier, to bring all the damage caps above the max health, and then scale the guard's damage manually in CalculateCustomDamage so they do 12 times less damage (3x4 to give bond effectively 3 times the health.  Would probably need to be scaled based on playercount but that's the general math behind this damage scaling method).

Anyway, it was a blast to play so I'm sure with some refinement it will be quite popular!  I'll try to let you know the next time we play and on what server so you can get a chance to join us.  Thanks for making this fun mode!

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