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Goldfinger 64 - Prison (Alpha version)


I present the remake of prison map based on the rom hack Goldfinger 64
is the alpha version and possible bugs can be discovered.
so the analysis of all will help and much!!!  heheh

some images compared to the original version of the map


it is available on the server "Amigos do brasil" and capture the flag is what they love!  hehe   ;D

Nice work!  It looks pretty faithful to the source material, and Prison was probably one of the better maps in GF64.

If you're in the mood to go further, I would say the simple visual design of the original level could probably stand to have more detail added to it, like door frames in every doorway and complete re-imaginings of the blander areas in the map.

It could also be worth it to make a nice model of that hanging lamp that's found all over the place in the level, it's somewhat iconic and could give the level its own personal flair.

Either way, I'll have to play this with you guys sometime!  It looks fun.

Looks like they reused the hanging lamp from caverns for that.
I think we have that one, too.

It's a good idea the lamps!
I confess that I looked in the files for something similar
In this image it shows the model that today is found in the Caverns folder.

But I can create it in the hammer to be exactly the same as the original lamp!

the door frames on each door will give a better view.
maybe I use some objects in the most empty areas and
also make some secret passages to give a differential in the design  :)


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