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Hi at all,

I just set up 4 new windows 10 PCs with a switch and static 192.168.1.X IPs for each machine.
Unfortunately GE:Source can not find any PC even when I tick on "Via LAN" in server setup.

What am I doing wrong? Not even the "developer mode" worked when I tried to activate it.
When I tried online server setup, it shows up under LAN, but with a ping of 21ms which is clearly NOT LAN.
When I use steam in offline mode or when I disconnect the internet cable, it does not work again.

I simply want to play in LAN without internet. Can you please guide me? There is no router involved, nothing. Just simple LAN on Windows 10.

Best wishes!

You should still be able to connect directly by IP, by typing "connect ip:port" into the developer console.

For offline play you may need unique Steam accounts for each player, I'm not sure. You'll probably need to launch the server with the -insecure launch parameter and set "sv_lan  1" to prevent problems with offline play.

Offline play without any sort of internet connection is not something I've tested but in theory it might work.

Thanks for your reply. But how can I access the developer console? I tried everything and cannot get it to open.

The ` key in US layout. Other layouts you may need to map it to another key, such as by adding it to your startup options:

+bind "key" "toggleconsole"

Or autoexec.cfg:

bind "key" "toggleconsole"

Note that these key binds will only work wen you've actually loaded a level and are in-game (no menu up), because Source. The default, hardcoded keybind is special in that respect.

The developer console also needs to be enabled in the keyboard advanced settings, but it sounds like you've already done that.


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