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Title: (Sound Mod) New kill sound! Cash Register KA'CHING
Post by: JamieF4178 on November 11, 2018, 04:35:51 pm
Hey, I made a sound replacement mod for GE Source. I never really cared for the kill sound. It wasn't very satisfying (in my opinion) . So instead, I made this. This mod replaces the default kill sound with a very satisfying loud cash register "KA CHING" sound.

The sound file came from a royalty free music/sound site (freesounds) so copyright shouldn't be an issue

 To install, copy the "gesource" folder provided into your steamapps folder.
When asked to overwrite, click yes (BE SURE TO BACK UP THE "playerkillother.wav" file IN CASE YOU WANT TO CHANGE IT BACK) (

Hope you enjoy  ;D
This is my first mod for GE Source! I look forward to making more mods for GE Source and giving back to this awesome community