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Low fps on certain servers only

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Hey guys, i came back recently from cod mw to see if there's anything new or new servers around here...only to find out that in some servers (Noob wonderland and the streamer friendly server) i run between 30 to 80 fps... instead of being locked at 144 (if unlocked i get to the 300 fps limit most of the time)...

What could be wrong ? Tried new drivers, default settings, etc.

Specs : i5 8600k (running 4.3 base 4.7 boost)
GTX1080 (running 1709 base 2100 boost) 16 gb of ram, nvme ssd, windows 10 all up to date.

I even had close to 300 fps with my old R9 Fury and FX8350 at the same resolution as now (1440p)

I even got the new cod to play at a stable 120 fps at 1440p...can't be my pc causing the low fps. On some other servers i get my 144 locked fps.. any idea ?!

Have you noticed whether those FPS issues were happening on official maps or third-party maps?
A lot, in fact most of third-party maps that are hosted on popular servers are very poorly optimized for the Source engine, resulting in low framerates even on the beefiest computers out there. Your rig is hardly the problem in this case, something else is going on.

If your frame drops are happening on official Goldeneye Source maps, then something unusual is definitely happening, but knowing on which map it happens will help narrow the problem. If we would couple that fact with it happening only on select servers, then perhaps the architecture of those servers are having problems and are in need of a restart. Have you tried playing on a local server with bots or other servers to see if the framerate issues persist?

I will try next time i get to play GES again, there was custom maps but i'm pretty sure it happened on Cradle also. In the last 3-4 years i played GES it never happened... even on custom maps (i think the glass version of cradle dropped sometimes to around 100 fps with my previous video card..) One server i know it doesnt happen is Mr Blonde LTK. Also, on the server i was running last year (on a poor amd dual core cpu) the game ran fine. It even ran fine when my server was on a Windows 7 virtual machine i ran on another pc with linux, but the other players had more ping than the previous server setup i used (around 80-150 instead of 15-40).

Yep, happens with classic maps too.. played a few matches earlier. On Sem's server i get my 144 fps too..

After playing some more, looks like a problem with the source engine or steam. Some servers are just worse, on some other servers i get 120-144+ fps (still not locked at 144 tho).
I tried numerous things like older driver (uninstall with DDU 1st) use stock clocks on cpu and gpu...  messing with steam settings / game settings, nvidia inspector, nvidia control panel, etc. Must be something random on my intel platform...never had so many issues since i switched to intel to be honest. This and Windows 10 millions updates fudging everything up...


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