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GoldenEye Source not loading


I recently got GoldenEye Source, and once i installed it, it worked fine. skip ahead few hours later, (after 2 installs) the game doesnt work. "An error occured while updating Goldeneye Source (v5.0) App running". btw this is on steam. can anyone help me this is getting aggravating  >:(

HL2.exe has a habit of not closing after you exit the mod meaning you get an error that the app is already running when you try to reload, this is nothing to do with the mod, but with Source SDK not being updated to function in a modern environment, only Valve can fix this issue... However, you can do the following...

Create a new text file on your desktop and add the following line...

taskkill /F /IM hl2.exe

Now rename it to "KillHL2.bat"... Or whatever name you wish to call it, as long as it has the .bat extension.
Now double click this to close Goldeneye Source (hl2.exe). Saves you going into processes.
Also, you could do what I have done and place this somewhere else, I have this bat file in my Goldeneye Source folder, you can create a shortcut for the desktop, then go to properties for the shortcut and change icon to Half Life 2 icon, saves you having that ugly batch icon on your desktop.

thank you! i will try this fix sooner or later.  ;D


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