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Strange stuff when using 4k resolutions


i recently got into ges and my god im loving but
playing in 1080p is painful and blocky as fuck so i much prefer 4k resolutions. sometimes with the luck of the gods it will work fine but after reopening the game my fonts in the server list and menus etc do one of 3 things.
1, they go so ultimatly small that i cannot read them even if i was to use the hubble telescope or the jwst 2, they are the correct size but are so blurry no words can be read. 3, the font is wingdings.

now as comical as this is its a shame cause it makes playing impossible, i am not sure why this is doing this or how to fix it.

However when it does work it looks amazing in 4k at least a slight improvment over the n64 version :P.

thanks for any help

The mod currently does not support 4k, but is playable in 2k if your willing to use a magnifying glass to view the menu text  :D  This is not due to the mod itself but rather Source SDK Base 2007, and I can't see Valve updating it anytime soon, if ever. Hopefully we will see a workaround in the next release, fingers crossed  ;)

thanks for the reply.

Shame that it wont work (well it does somtimes. if i fiddle enough with the resolution settings it can sometimes come right. and 2k is just 1080p which is blocky as hell.

i suspected source sdk was the issue, guess ill just have to keep my fingers crossed for a new release.

I thought 2K was 2x1080p... Anyway, if you put the game on 2715x1527, the text is just readable if you look close at the screen, that plus forcing settings through your GPU's control panel should give you less jaggies.

EDIT: Your right... The horizontal is 2x and the vertical is 2x, and 2x2=4 (4K), didn't notice, never really bothered to do the math, I read somewhere that 4K was 4xHD, and HD is 1080p yeah? ... Whatever, why not just call it 2160p for gods sake lol.


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