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Guidelines for Community Content


First of all, thanks for taking the time to consider producing content for GoldenEye: Source!  We really love to see what the community comes up with, whether that be Maps, Gamemodes, or wacky character skins.  In these forums you're free to post whatever you've made, as long as it takes the following into consideration:


- Make sure the content is your own or you have permission from the author to post or port their content.

- Anything that gives players an unfair advantage is strongly discouraged, though things that make use of the in-game scripting tools are allowed.

- Anything pornographic or extremely graphic (nsfw) is not permitted. 


- Modifications to official gamemodes should use a unique name or otherwise make clear that they are a modded version of that gamemode.


- Ported maps are fine, once again assuming you have the author's permission, but please take the time to update the layout and item spawns to best suit the GE:S gameplay.

- Do not take the names of maps that already exist or official maps that have yet to be created.  "ge_frigate" and "ge_chateauduclare" being examples of names you should not use.  If you would like to make your own version of frigate, which is of course perfectly acceptable, something like "ge_destroyer" or "ge_frigate_myname" would work fine.  If you have permission to port an existing GE:S community map from an old version to a new version, try to indicate this in the name somehow.  Something like "ge_garrison_fix" works fine for this, but be sure to have the map author's permission before porting.

Depending on the nature of your content, failure to follow these guidelines can result in a written warning, or removal of your content.  We want to be as welcoming as possible of community content, so don't hesitate to ask one of us before posting if you're not sure if your content is acceptable. 


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