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a few things to make the game more even.


I have been playing since the release, but i have noticed lately that i can put 3 rounds of shells in someone and i can havea bullet vest on and they kill me with one shot with a common pistol, even if i have the silver pistol i have to put round after round in them, why is this? when there is alot of people in there i have spawned right in the middle of crossfire and i dont get it, there needs to be a way of making the game a little more fair or vac isnt picking up on the cheaters. this im not the only one who is complaining, i just thought i would bring it to your attention, please do something about this or i will uninstall it, thanks

As with any game there are good and not so good players. In GE:S the good players are the ones who didn't give up early on and got better at the game as they learnt how to play.

GE:S can seem pretty brutal if you don't know the fundamentals.

Beta 4 is hopefully coming soon, so I recommend that you stick it out for now, as Beta 4 is going to fix a lot of issues and introduce new weapons and will overall bring more balanced gameplay as a result.


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