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[NOTABUG] Sprites drawn as boxes

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Whenever I shoot someone, little hitboxes fly out of them in various colors and sizes. Also, whenever I play cradle, random red lines shoot across the screen. Here are some screenies:

Jonathon [SSL]:
Are you running on something below Directx 8.0?

It looks like a similar issue I used to have when I ran Beta 1.x on Directx 6.0. Or it may be graphics-drivers related. I would think that the red lines means that your graphics card is being pushed to its limits/overheating.

What kind of card are you using?

Rodney 1.666:
It's their shield taking damage.

Do you suppose that if you smacked people with the klobb, it would be more effective?

This is not a bug. This is your computer. You need to do the following:

1. Upgrade Graphics Driver
2. NOT overclock your graphics card
3. Check for large amounts of dust in your graphics card
4. Reinstall Windows

4 is obviously a last resort, but if it's a directx problem this is most likely where you will have to go or else upgrade directx (if you can)

This can also be do to any hacks you installed on your HL2 distro. These are sprites that you are seeing as the squares, not hitboxes. They are the sprites for blood effects.


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