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[NOTED] Spawning Problems

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Ruone Delacroix:
A few times, both last night, and this morning, people were having problems spawning when a new match started. It would act like they were in spectator mode, but couldn't move. We were able to get around it by switch to spectator mode, then back to a playing team.

I was wondering if there's any reason for this?

Konrad Beerbaum:
We are aware of this bug and are looking into it.  You can usually hit B to open the character select menu and that will get around it too. 

Ruone Delacroix:
Ok, thanks for letting us know.

Rodney 1.666:
There is also a case of telefragging on the spawn points, where someone would spawn over top of someone who just got there, killing whoever got there first.

Those 2 problems hapen to me a lot of timem and i'ts kinda annoying.


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