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Using Blood Screen, Health/Armour Indicator elsewhere (i.e. in a video)


I'll split this into two questions, as per the title:

Blood Screen Effect - how would one go about using it for a video as an overlay, more specifically how to use the textures and shaders for the 'watery' effect (as it's easy enough to get the associated .smd files and import them into Blender).

Health/Armour Indicator - how exactly does the depleted health/armour representation work and how to recreate it in image editing software.

Depending on what you're planning to use this on, it might be faster easier and even better to create your own bloodscreen effect e.g. in After Effects.

The one we use ingame has certain restrictions due to the nature of the game engine.
As for the material, it is a simple animated refract shader that scrolls over the model.

It cannot be imported into other applications, but it surely would be possible to recreate a much similar effect there, too.


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