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Automatic Hammer Setup **MultiplayerX**


This is my hammer configuration setup. Just overwrite your current one with this to BYPASS setting hammer up for gesource manually AFTER you install SOURCE SDK and CREATE MOD using Source 2007. ;)

What if someone uses another Path for their steam installation or doesn't own/has not installed Hl2 EP2?

Rather use the hl2.exe inside this Path: ...\steamapps\common\Source SDK Base 2007\hl2.exe
because you need to have the SDK base 2007 to play GES.

Also make sure that ppl understand that they have to alter the paths if their Steam installation is in another folder or even on another Drive then C:\.

You make it sound as if you just need to throw in that file to solve all your SDK setup issues.

This config file is the default location ONLY. Anyone that chooses to use independent locations can simply alter the existing locations with their new primary paths.  ;)


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