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How to play with xbox one controller and how do I get classic sounds?

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How to play with xbox one controller and how I get classic soundtrack and classic sound effect of GE N64?

Personally I wouldn't play with a controller, you'd get destroyed by keyboard/mouse users. I've played against players who use controllers, you can't turn fast enough or aim accurately enough in larger multiplayer battles

You can change the sensitivity right?

Yes you can. But you cannot have both precission and high turning speed.

I use Antimicro and in my opinion it is better than most "Pay for" softwares currently available. I have supplied a ready to go profile for the Xbox 360 controller, but shouldn't be difficult to adapt to Xbox one controller.

Just place the "AntiMicro" folder wherever you wish, I recommend in your "Program Files" folder. Now run AntiMicro, at the top of the AntiMicro menu, click on the "Load" button and navigate to your "AntiMicro/profiles" folder and double click the "Goldeneye.gamecontroller.amgp" file to load the profile.

Adjust mouse sensitivity in the GE:S Options if needed to get the right turn speed for you, I have it set pretty fast.



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